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Sunday, July 12, 2015

B-I-G Fish = B-I-G Business

Reprinted from CarpAnglersGroup.com

Trophy fish of any species will attract anglers from far & wide. This means more license & tackle sales as well as travel, food and accommodation expenditure coming into the economy of the region. It is therefore vital to help educate more anglers toward the positive benefits of careful handling and the live release of trophy fish of ALL species.

This includes the catch and release of trophy common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are increasingly sought after by top anglers visiting the St Lawrence river.  The presence of big trophy carp indicates a healthy environment that will also support trophy fish of other species. The killing of large carp (as well as native buffalo, muskie and gar) only serves to stimulate the rapid increase in smaller fish which can lead to negative impacts on the aquatic environment.

You cannot ‘un-kill’ a fish. The concept of catch & release, especially for trophy fish, is a win-win for everyone. When a trophy fish is killed anglers know that it is no longer there to be caught. But when a trophy fish is released it stands out as a beacon of hope for other anglers to come test their skills and maybe catch it at an even heavier weight.

The economic benefits that result from the ‘catch & release’ of trophy carp as well as other species will be a significant boost for the local community.

I wholeheartedly support the catch & release of trophy fish while allowing anglers to retain a limited number of smaller fish for the table.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend Carp Fishing

I had Friday off from work and decided to head out early and spend the day carp fishing.

I took about 2 hours for the first one landed on my homemade habanero boilie and 2 more hours for the next one caught on two pieces of Trilogy Baits maize tipped with a piece of fluorescent pink plastic corn from Enterprise.

Got there early and set up in a spot that has produced commons, small mouth buffalo,
 mirror carp and s smattering of catfish

This one was a single digit fish

A little bit bigger

The biggest of the day in the mid teens

Second fish caught on the maize, my first caught on maize for several weeks