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Saturday, November 11, 2017

2017 Winding Down

I had the day off of work on Friday, but with temperatures in the low 20's I did not head out to my planned fishing spot as planned. The air temperatures remained in the 20's the entire day, so I didn't get to do any fishing on the Veteran's Day Holiday either. Major bummer...Last year I landed my current personal best of 29 pounds 2 ounces on Veteran's Day.

2016's best
With the winter slow down on the way, it's a good time to start making a shopping list for carp fishing items you need for next year. With fishing slowing down, sales are the carp equipment retailers slow down also. This provides an opportunity to pick up some nice merchandise for "sale" prices.

If you need carp rods, reels, landing mats, nets, etc. it's a good idea to keep any eye out on websites like Carp Kit and Johnson Ross Tackle to see what items they may have on sale. You can pick up some name brand items for very good prices if you keep an eye on their websites.

And it's not just the higher dollar items that go on sale either. If you need hooks, flavoring, fishing line, etc. you can buy them for 50% off (or better) sometimes. I've purchased Korda Wide Gap hooks for 50% off multiple times.

I have also been able to purchase 50# braided fishing line at Cabela's for 50-60% off in the fishing off season as well. I like to go in January. They often have fishing line at very good discounts.

Happy shopping.

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