Monday, June 10, 2024

West Michigan Carp Fishing Social and Lighthouse Visit

We visited the beach and lighthouse recently in St. Joseph, Michigan. 

I love fishing but the guys out on the pier without railings, in gusty winds with waves breaking over the edge ankle deep in water, are more dedicated (or willing to risk a lot in the name of catching an occasional fresh water drum) than I am.

And, we were in St. Joe for a carp fishing social in the downtown for two days on Friday and Saturday in pursuit of the freshwater sport fish.

I caught one fish each day. I'm guessing the up and down temperature swings have impacted the carp spawning activities and we likely caught the tail end of the spawn in the St. Joe River.

Neither fish was too big. The one on Friday weighed in the 16# range and, being a River fish, it was a very strong swimmer.

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