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Sunday, March 25, 2018

$75 Finder's Fee Available

I am renewing my "finder's fee" offer for 2018 and increasing the offer to $75.

What I'm looking for...
  • New places to fish for carp
  • A place I haven't fished before
  • A place where I can access shore fishing within a couple hours (or less) from Ann Arbor
  • A place where I can fish from shore and catch a carp of more than 30 pounds
How to earn $75:

If I catch a carp of more than 30 pounds in 2018, at a location you recommend, I will pay you a $75 finder's fee. I will pay the "finder's fee" to the first person who recommends the location to me, once I catch a 30 pound (or greater) common carp at the recommended location.

Here's an example of the type of fish I'm looking for:



  1. Hi. I'm a fellow carp fisherman from Swartz Creek. I do most my fishing at the Holloway Reservoir Dam. I catch a lot of big ones out there. But I got to ask where did you catch that beauty?

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  2. Have you ever fished the Holloway Reservoir Dam? Just a little north of Davison Michigan? Email me at amblakemore@gmail.com anytime you might want to try it or plan on fishing in the Flint area. I'm always looking for a carp fishing partner. I've been carp fishing for the last several years and enjoy the hell out of it. The Holloway Reservoir is a good place right there at the damn where you can fish from the shore and catch all kinds of big ones. My personal best there was a 28 pounder. And I'm sure they're bigger ones in there.

  3. I haven't fished Holloway Reservoir yet, but it' son my list. I'll definitely hit you up when I'm headed to that area some weekend

  4. Replies
    1. I am still searching for my first 30 # carp. The $50 finder's fee still applies.


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